photo-31Gráinne Ní Lócháin, Boarder from Dublin, 6th Year

The main worry I had was being away from home and out of a big city,
but upon arrival I was welcomed straight away. I was pleasantly shocked at how peaceful the island was and how friendly all the people were. I have been a student in Coláiste Naomh Eoin since first year and have stayed with two different, lovely host families over the five years I have been here. One of the best features of the school is how small the classes are which means students get an almost one-to-one learning experience with the teachers resulting in high educational achievement.

photo-27Agnieszka Bogucka, Islander, 6th Year
I have been a student in Coláiste Naomh Eoin since first year when my family and I moved to the island from Poland. From the very beginning both teachers and students were very helpful to me in adjusting and picking up the language. The school offered me the experience of studying in a new, fully equipped wood workshop and science laboratory. This school has taught me self-discipline and given me confidence as well as preparing me for my future education. I hope to study medicine or a similar course in that field next year. I believe that my education here will greatly benefit me in my future life.

photo-28Brook Owens, Boarder from Dublin, 1st Year
When I heard about this school on the Aran Islands, I was talking with my friends at home and we all thought that it could be fun to go. Then I realised that it could also be a brilliant experience to live in the Gaeltacht, one of Ireland’s greatest cultural assets. On arrival I noticed how friendly everyone was and how this has helped me mature and improve significantly academically. I’m so glad that I came here.

photo-29Róisín Ní Chonghaile, Islander, 6th Year
I initially left the island to start my second level education. Growing up in such a rural area, I wanted to taste the city life I never experienced. I decided to attend a school on the mainland with approximately 300 students. Thankfully I changed my mind and moved back home to this school. This was a huge advantage because there were less students in my class, which gave us each more attention and help. This is something that I could never get at my previous school.

photo-33Diarmuid Ó Loideáin, Boarder from Ballinasloe, 5th Year
My first thought when I came to the island was how friendly the locals were and that I would really blend in with everyone. When I did eventually start school here I was overwhelmed to hear that I would be the only boy in my class! This has been a great experience for me compared to my old school which was an all boys school.

Irish Secondary School on the Aran Islands