The School’s Policies in full are available from the school.  Among them are the following policies relating to Language and Uniform.


Irish is the language of the school and Irish is to be spoken at all times in the classroom, and in every other part of the school buildings and surroundings.  Irish is the main language spoken on the island and students are encouraged to always speak Irish on the island, and when travelling to and from the island.


The students of Coláiste Naomh Eoin wear a red V neck sweatshirt and grey polo neck with the crest of the school imprinted on them. Both male and female students wear black casual trousers with black shoes or smart black trainers and black socks to achieve an overall look. The school uniform can be bought directly from the school.  It is recommended that students do not were heavy make-up and keep jewellery to a minimum to encourage a natural look. Jackets, hoodies or cardigans are not permitted during class time.

Irish Secondary School on the Aran Islands